An Object,
by virtue of having existed for centuries,
becomes a testament to

David Berti
David Berti

A long history of iron, fire and expertise.

Andrea Berti
Andrea Berti

Coltellerie Berti: handmade knives since 1895

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We have always had the impression that, for some mysterious reason, the most delightful images in our ‘knife album’ are those that capture the life of our family as it was many years ago, showing not only who but also what was around them at the time. Could it be because photographs, like wine, improve with age? Is it true to say that only the passing of time is capable of turning a simple photograph into a bona fide historical document, a fragment of memory? Who knows? In any event, here you will find a host of photographs from the Berti family album. Most of them were taken by my aunt, Maria Berti, who was a real character – a truly vivacious, dynamic person with a plethora of interests. In Mugello, many still recall her skills in divining tarot cards (!); others remember that she was the first woman to own and drive a car in Scarperia (!!). I very much hope you enjoy browsing through the images. A special thanks to Aunt Maria.
Andrea Berti

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