An Object,
by virtue of having existed for centuries,
becomes a testament to

David Berti
David Berti

A long history of iron, fire and expertise.

Andrea Berti
Andrea Berti

Coltellerie Berti: handmade knives since 1895

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The Brotherhood of the Grape
Friends and supporters of Coltellerie Berti.
The expression ‘Brotherhood of the Grape’ comes from the title of a book by a famous Italian-American writer about a small group of Italian friends who emigrated to America. As well as drinking plenty of good Moscatello, the members of this group, like all Italian immigrants, were wont to carry their knives with them. Ah, what a wonderful thing! This section is dedicated to them: here, if you want to, you can include your name and the name of your favourite knife. In short, you can profess your love for Berti knives and all that they represent. All you need to do is send an e-mail : we will check the content of the mail (just to ensure, no doubt needlessly, that there are no excessively ‘colourful’ expressions!) and then publish it. Who knows what will come of it all …
Andrea Berti

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