Written by Andrea Berti

The notebooks

In our notebooks you will find a rich source of information on the history of the Berti Family, the art of knife making, and details on the care and proper use of our sharp tools. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to download these valuable notebooks in PDF format, so that you can conveniently consult them wherever you wish.

In our extensive collection, you can explore the long tradition that has made us experts in producing high-quality knives, passed down from generation to generation since 1895. Each page of the notebooks is an opportunity to discover fascinating details about our roots, the craft techniques we use, and recommendations for keeping your Berti knives in perfect condition.

We are sure you will find these resources not only informative, but also exciting and valuable. Download our PDF notebooks now and immerse yourself in the world of Berti’s handcrafted knives.

Associated traditions

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Materials and production

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The cut and the taste

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Choosing Knives

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Proper use and maintenance

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The Berti Family has been involved in knife making for more than a century, since 1895, when David Berti opened his workshop on Via dell’Oche in Scarperia. Since then, this tradition has continued uninterruptedly.

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