Coltellerie Berti, founded by David Berti, is a company that has been producing knives through a totally artisanal process since 1895.

For four consecutive generations-first with David, then with Severino, David’s son, then with Alvaro, Severino’s son, and now with Andrea, Alvaro’s son-we have continued to produce knives in the same place, in Italy, scrupulously following the Tradition of the Berti Artisan Method, handed down from generation to generation.


Tradition is our essence.

In a world of constant change, where habits and trends evolve rapidly, each of us needs to anchor ourselves in tangible, authentic and unchanging evidence of our past and history. These connections allow us to preserve the connection to our roots and the values that have shaped our world.

Our values focus on specificity, quality and precision cutting, with consequent respect for ingredients, dishes and culinary art.

They represent the sweetness and satisfaction inherent in the act of cutting, using a tool designed to last, and the resulting preservation and transmission of a valuable object.

The Berti Tradition is respected through the transmission and preservation of patterns, yet without sacrificing a touch of innovation. The methods and skills developed within the Berti Family have been passed down for more than a century.

Our Life Project.

We bring together traditions near and far to bring out the deep connection between them. The connection becomes evident when we compare handcrafted creations from different sources.

Indeed, these objects share a fundamental element: traditional craftsmanship. They are the fruit of the personal labor of human beings creating something unique, preserving and emulating gestures passed down through generations.

There is a dose of mystery in the meaning of this human dedication.

Bringing this wonderful mystery into people’s lives every day is our life project.

Our craftsmen

Those who start it finish it, initial it with their initials and declare its Value.

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