Useful information



Although Coltellerie Berti strives every day in the search for more and more effective packaging in terms of protection, since we are dealing with fragile and delicate products, the following cases cannot be excluded during shipment:

  • Lack of product(s) (product not found in package)
  • erroneous product(s)
  • defective product(s)
  • broken product(s)
  • material not delivered by the courier
  • defective boxes

Upon the occurrence of any of the above situations, Coltellerie Berti reserves the right to analyze and investigate the problem reported by the customer by asking for any photographs or other details.

Refer to the Legal Warranty section of the Conditions of Sale for reporting defects and faults.


Some of the cardboard packages of Coltellerie Berti products are very beautiful and graphically neat. It may happen, due to transportation or packaging, that these packages get damaged, while leaving the contained product intact. In this case, Coltellerie Berti will not provide replacement packaging to the customer. This will be provided only if the product is replaced.


If the goods ordered are to be delivered to a country outside the European Union (including the United Kingdom), we will not charge Italian VAT. However, it must be remembered that they will have to be paid to the courier before delivery:

  • Duties (including unpaid vat to us)
  • Any customs tariffs

The amount could also be considerable. Each individual state has its own rules. We suggest inquiring in advance.

IMPORTANT: If the delivery of the goods is not accepted, they will be returned to Italy and Coltellerie Berti will be responsible for the transportation costs for the return.
In this case, the order will be cancelled, and both shipping and return shipping costs will be deducted from the refund.


Most of Coltellerie Berti’s products are handmade and handcrafted.

It is important to note that our pieces are not identical to each other, but the small differences are natural and represent precisely the uniqueness of each item.

NOTE: Coltellerie Berti has not authorized any telephone or door-to-door promotion activities to make sales. Activities such as these have the sole purpose of collecting data or entering homes and carrying out looting and scamming. Therefore, we request that you do not give data or open to such individuals and contact law enforcement immediately. We encourage you to follow information about us only through official channels: the website, social media, and contact numbers that you will always find on this website.